IOM in Sussex

What is IOM?

Integrated Offender Management (IOM) is about understanding what makes an individual commit crime. By understanding their triggers we can then work closely with relevant agencies (i.e. probation, NHS, Housing) to help prevent re-offending by concentrating and managing each offenders needs. IOM can be broadly split into three areas; high, medium and low.

The Ministry of Justice highlighted that IOM was inspired by the success of Prolific and Priority Offender (PPO) schemes, the Drug Interventions Programme (DIP), Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) and Neighbourhood Policing teams. As a result a number of police forces and probation areas (including Sussex) developed innovative approaches to the joint supervision of offenders. These approaches have become known as Integrated Offender Management.

Integrated Offender Management aims to deepen and extend joint identification and assessment, offender management and information sharing frameworks for those offenders in the community who present the highest risk of re-offending, including those short sentenced offenders released from prison under no statutory supervision. Integrated Offender Management re-enforces the compact between offender and the community- positive assistance in rehabilitation at the same time as swift deterrence and enforcement measures for those offenders who do not comply.

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The Sussex Criminal Justice Board commissioned researchers at Sheffield Hallam University to assess the impact of Integrated Offender Management (IOM) on reconviction rates in Sussex over the first two years of its existence.
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Important Documents

The following pan-Sussex documents will be essential for the strategic approach to IOM across Sussex:

                  FP_IOM_01           FP_IOM_02













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The IOM Information Sharing Agreement will be uploaded late 2014.