The Surrey & Sussex Criminal Justice Partnerships are fully signed-up to delivering improvements for victims and witnesses, suspects and offenders, and the general public of Surrey & Sussex through investments in modern technology and better ways of working.
Both are determined that technological improvements will drive up performance and efficiency during investigations, case preparation, prosecutions, court hearings and supervision of offenders where it is cost effective and in the interests of justice.
Following significant groundwork by partners during the period leading up to April 2014 it is the intention of the Surrey and Sussex Criminal Justice Partnerships to deliver the following by April 2015:

• Identify priority areas of work through an annual Delivery Plan
• Identify areas of risk where a multi agency response is necessary
• Identify performance measures necessary to monitor progress
• Commit appropriate resources in support of partnership work-streams
• Agree a delivery model aligned to the Delivery Plan
• Agree a communications and information sharing protocol
• Respond to consultation requests where resources allow
• Provide a well equipped Support Team to support delivery
• Provide reports from meetings with decisions taken
• Provide access to approved non-confidential documents on a public facing website